General Info

General Info

Iraq - Country Profile

Official Name : Republic of Iraq
Currency : Iraqi Dinar
Official Language(s) : Arabic, Kurdish
Government : Parliamentary Republic


Area : 437,072 sq. km.
Cities : Capital--Baghdad (5.7 million, 2004 estimate). Other cities--Basrah, Mosul, Kirkuk, Sulaymaniyah, Erbil.
Terrain : Alluvial plains, mountains, and desert.
Climate : Mostly hot and dry.

Focus on Overseas Property Market in Erbil

With the rapid growth of Iraq economy, overseas property and investment has become a new investment concept of Iraqi people. Besides, domestic policies for house-purchase restriction and control further stimulate the formation of the buyer’s market for overseas property in Iraq.

The exhibition provide exhibitors with an all-round platform for project promotion and also serve as one of the most effective channels for expanding Iraqi investment markets and achieving project sales.

Erbil Real Expo is slated to become one of the leading platforms in bringing together investors, real estate developers, architects, designers and senior executives from all over the world. The participating exhibitors at the fair will have the opportunity to showcase their innovative projects and services to prospective global real estate investors, financers and developers.